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Trust is governed by a voluntary Board of management. Our Board and Sub Committe meetings are open to members of the public. If you would like to attend any of these meetings please contact the Company Secretary at Trust Head Office.


Heather Pearson


I am a Solicitor specialising in social housing, finance and development. I joined the Board due to the whole ethos of Trust and the dedication of all staff in the organisation to provide the best quality housing and services possible to our tenants.

My ambition is for Trust to be held as an example of best practice within the sector whilst maintaining a caring culture and ensuring it keeps its tenants' interest at the forefront of all decision making.

The main skills that I bring as a Board member and Chair are commercial experience working in the private sector, legal experience in the social housing sector, as well as lots of enthusiasm and commitment.

John Burke

Vice Chair

I have some 42 years experience in many aspects of property investment management and development throughout the UK. I joined the Board as I want to share my skills with Trust as well as extend my knowledge and experience of the housing sector.

My ambition for Trust is to assist management in a challenging economic climate. I have a professional and personal interest in housing as a fundamental building block to social infrastructure and social mobility and welfare.

The main skills that I bring as a Board member are extensive asset management experience, property development and construction experience, analytical and lateral thinking, strategic planning, business perspective, negotiating and marketing.

Ian Crawford

Sub Committee Convenor

I am now retired after 38 years as an NHS Manager. I am currently active in a number of voluntary areas. I joined the Board as I am motivated by a desire to contribute to an organisation delivering important and worthwhile services to the community.

My ambition for Trust is for it to be the best provider within the sector.

The main skills that I bring as a Board member are a wealth of management experience in planning, human resources, financial systems and community services - plus enthusiasm and commitment.

Doreen Inskip

Board Member

I have 25 years experience within the medical profession as GP Practice Manager. I am also a current tenant of Trust. I joined the Board as I feel that Trust is committed to good governance and that motivates me. I also enjoy meeting with other Board members and sharing views.

My ambition for Trust is that it continues to move in the right direction and not be too reliant on local authority funding. My hope is that we control our own agenda.

The main skills and attributes that I bring as a Board member are good communication, the ability to build positive relationships with other Board members, respect and an enjoyment of the policy aspect of the business.

Kenny McDonald

Board Member

By day I'm a public health Senior Marketing Officer. I use my 16 years' experience across the UK, blending traditional and digital skills, to help colleagues and partners build a fairer, healthier Scotland.

My ambition for Trust across such a challenging landscape is to maintain and improve the high quality caring services people receive from, and associate with, the housing association. I also recognise the valuable role strategic marketing has in supporting national delivery of services.

Beyond this, in my own time, I work with charities to help them better understand digital marketing. I also enjoy blogging from time to time, with work-life balance maintained through my love of Dundee United FC. And on a happier note, also by being a Dad and keeping fit.

Wendy Wilkinson

Board Member

I am a Senior Civil Servant in Scottish Government, currently head of Safer Communities Division.

The work of Trust is so worthwhile and important.  As well as wanting to help, I know I’ll be inspired by Trust and those we serve and I will carry that into other parts of my life.

My ambition for Trust is for it to uphold it's values and deliver the best it can for those it serves, adapting to their needs now and in the future.

The skills I bring to the Board are experience in governance matters; strategic thinker and outcome focussed; expertise across Government and with Parliament; extensive experience in the public sector and in policy development; a value of fairness and serving the people of Scotland; and finally a good sense of humour!

Sister Margaret Jenny Lindsay

Board Member

Having served over 27 years nursing in the NHS and 3 years for the private sector; also gained my NVQ assessor certificate in care of the elderly during my second vocation in religious life caring for such, I hope to infuse some of this experience to Trust as a board member.

Seeing life from a different angle (wheelchair bound since 2000 from progressive polio) I hope to support Trust in the difficult years ahead due to the economic climate, reduced available funding and changing client profile.

Gordon Laurie

Board Member

I retired in early 2016 after a career of over 35 years in the housing sector, including 17 years as Director of a large Scottish housing association. I joined the Board as I wished to become involved with an organisation which might find my skills and experience to be of some benefit and which has a strong and positive track record and reputation. I hope that I will also gain new knowledge and experience.

My ambition for Trust is for it to continue to deliver excellent homes and services for all its tenants and customers and for it to be flexible and responsive in the way it faces the challenges of a complex and changing world.

The main skills that I bring as a Board member are my extensive knowledge of the housing sector and housing operations in Scotland, extensive management experience, the ability to think strategically, a strong understanding of regulatory and governance requirements and a strong commitment to ensuring that the interests of tenants and service users are at the centre of all decision-making processes.

Paul McFarlane

Board Member

I was involved in senior management roles in sales and marketing for over 30 years. I have recently come onto the board and my reason for joining was to contribute to helping people have a long and fulfilling retirement.

My ambition for Trust would be to help continue the excellent work already being done and help ensure Trust retains, and where possible, builds on it's excellent reputation in it's field in providing quality accommodation and also enhancing the lives of the older generation.

I will bring to the board a fresh pair of eyes and a real focus on getting value for money. I have a determination to work together with the other board members to deliver excellent service and maximise the benefits of working together as a team at all levels of the organisation.

Rob Molan

Board Member

I have had a long and varied career in Government, including working for 20 years in HM Treasury and latterly for 10 years in Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). I have also sat on the board of a housing association in the South East of England for seven years.

My ambition for Trust is for it to be a high performing and well run organisation which provides high quality services to all of its tenants.

I bring an understanding of the social housing sector and experience in strategic planning, corporate governance and financial management.

Karen Cawte

Board Member

I was born in Yorkshire and spent my formative years in Lincolnshire before attending Huddersfield University to study Hospitality Management. Once graduated, I worked for a number of national restaurant chains and retailers before running a new hotel. A major change occurred in the late 1980s when I moved with my family to Scotland to run a small hotel in Dumfries and Galloway. After selling the hotel I had a bit of a career change and worked for Dumfries and Galloway Council housing department as their Marketing and Communications Officer.

A few career moves within the council led me to concentrate on policy and strategy development working with many other public and third sector agencies. As part of my career progression I moved to West Lothian nine years ago and am now the Customer and Community Service Manager. When not at work, I enjoy gardening and cooking, and sometimes manages to grow things that I can then utilise in the kitchen. My two grand-children also keep me busy. I am keen to support the work of Trust and lend my expertise in customer service delivery, performance and change management.

Executive Team

Rhona McLeod

Chief Executive

I was delighted to join Trust as CEO because it is an organisation that really values people – both our customers and those who work as part of the Trust team. I bring to the role Director and CEO level experience of business, strategy and change in the health and care sector and elsewhere.

Trust has an open and inclusive culture and is focused on delivering excellence in the services we provide. For the future I want to ensure we build on the great things we do now, and work hard  on our plans to grow – to offer new and different products and services to our customers, and harness the ideas, creativity and ambition that exist across the organisation.

Fiona Beattie

Director of Finance & Business Services

I am a CIMA qualified accountant with 14 years of Finance experience across a wide range of industries including logistics, retail, manufacturing and the service industry.

I am motivated to come to work each day as I know the work we do at Trust enhances peoples lives and I feel I can help to contribute to this through ensuring the long term financial stability of the organisation.

The main skills and attributes I bring to Trust are a broad financial background with experience in dealing with a variety of environments with differing challenges and opportunities. I also have strong interpersonal and organisational skills to bring to Trust.

David McIndoe

Director of Asset Management Services

I am a Chartered Building Surveyor of 27 years experience and have operated within the Public, Professional and Contracting Sectors of the Construction Industry, from Design Team to Director Level. I have 12 years experience within the Housing Sector.

I am motivated to turn up for work each day by a desire to ensure the provision of good quality housing for our customers along with the delivery of quality and cost effective property services.

In the future I would like that the key role of organisations such as Trust is recognised and enhanced regarding the vital role it plays in providing housing for older people. For Trust I would like to see effective investment in our stock and services which will allow for the continued delivery of quality services for the customers of the future.

I am a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS) and bring with me a breadth of experience covering asset management, development and building maintenance, project management and experience of the contracting sector.

Gail Gourlay

Director of Customer Services

I have some 28 years experience within the sector, having started out as a Management Trainee for the City of Edinburgh Council in 1985, I moved to Trust in 1992. 

I am motivated to turn up for work each day by seeing the difference good quality housing and services can make to peoples' lives. I feel that Trust provides good quality housing and support services and that, as an organisation, we genuinely want to make a difference.

In the future I would like for Trust to offer a wider range of options which are as person centred as possible. This should help us to secure the long term demand for our properties and services that we need.

The main skills and attributes that I bring to Trust are experience and knowledge of the sector, leadership and motivational skills, good interpersonal skills, ability to prioritise and organisational skills.

The staff are excellent, they are helpful and cheery and they do a lot for all the tenants.