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Trust is a housing association with quality and commitment at its core. We aim to provide first-class accommodation for older people, families and individuals which they can enjoy and immediately feel at home in.

Over a period of 40 years we have gained extensive experience and insights from our customers to ensure that we create comfortable homes especially for retirement communities, which support individuals and enable them to relax and enjoy independent lives, with varying degrees of support at hand.

Friendships are crucial throughout life and there are strong communities across all of our locations in Scotland, which now number over 100 and serve around 2500 customers. We strive to create vibrant environments, with a range of social activities on offer for customers to interact and form friendships. Trust is more than just a home, it is a way of life, a sense of belonging.

Trust is a not-for-profit housing association, we are registered with and monitored by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

Trust Board & Executive Team

Trust is governed by a voluntary Board of management. Our Board and Sub Committe meetings are open to members of the public. If you would like to attend any of these meetings please contact the Company Secretary at Trust Head Office.

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We believe in making the maximum amount of information available to our customers and sharing information with other organisations.

Below you will find links to our most recent publictations. To see more simply click on the 'View document library' link. If there is any information that you can't find within our library, or on any part of the website, then please get in touch with us and we will do our best to supply you with what you require.

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Equality and Diversity lies at the heart of our business and as such, Trust became the first housing association in Scotland to achieve Leaders in Diversity accreditation in the promotion of equality and diversity. As an organisation which is fully inclusive in everything we do, we expect our partners to share these values.

We don’t believe in the single story or stereotypes and recognise that people and their experiences are made up of many stories. We value diversity and aim to make sure our services are tailored and accessible to different needs.

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Trust Us to Accomplish

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Our annual Performance Review is key for us in sharing how well we are doing compared to other Housing Associations and lets us, and you, know where we are performing well and which areas we need to improve. Read the full report here.

Our Power - Fairer Energy that puts you in control

Our Power - Fairer Energy that puts you in control  primary image

What is Our Power?

Our Power is an organisation whose parent company is a Cooperative and Community Benefit Society (like Trust) and is owned by its members which are Housing Associations and Local Councils. Any profits it generates will ultimately be used to keep charges low and used for other interventions to reduce fuel poverty. There are no shareholders taking profits out of the organisation.

Our Power is committed to maintaining low prices and having equitable tariffs that don't penalise some customers such as those using pre-payment meters. It's also committed to offering and installing Smart Meters as soon possible after supply transfer, as these meters can help customers manage their energy usage and help reduce the cost of their energy. Our Power's call centres are based here in Scotland and as they grow they plan to open microsites within their member's communities to help generate employment opportunities. Our Power aims to offer first class customer service with a "Right First Time" approach.

How do I get a quote?

Visit the OurPower website - and click on the Gas and Electric Quote or Electric Only Quote. You can also call Our Power on 01259 22 02 68 to get your quote.

If you're happy with the quote Our Power will be in touch within a few days to confirm the transfer is on track. A few days before the transfer you will need to send in your meter readings (by phone or email) and this will ensure that your account with Our Power is set up accurately from day one.

Our Power will be in touch again to arrange installation of your Smart Meters.

After the transfer you should get a final bill from your existing suppliers and then future bills will come from Our Power.

Once you have your Smart Meters installed your meter readings will be taken and sent to Our Power automatically, so no more estimated bills or waiting in for the meter reader! So please consider joining the OurPower family - it really is easy!

See the attached toolkit for further information.

I cannot praise the staff enough, they have been absolutely fantastic.